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Made in California, U.S.A. 


Turn solar power into electricity and then use that energy in the Hybrid Generator to maximize output performance.

There are three fixed constants in hybrid solar energy: the sun, the PV equipment that turns solar energy into electricity and the turbine generators that produce electricity. That the sun shines every day is guaranteed. That the PV modules and turbine generators provide the desired performance and energy yield is also guaranteed, by our manufactures.


 The amount of kWh produced per year is calculated as follows:

  • kW rating of the turbine generators times 24 hours in a day times 365 days in a year.

  • For our 10 kW system the equation would be 10 X 24 X 365 = 87,600 kWH annually.

  • There is a performance variance of + 5%.

The high performance stability of our Hybrid Generator is achieved by rigorous quality standards and with exceptionally strict test criteria. The manufacturer of the generator turbines is certified either by the Small Wind Certification Council (“SWCC”) or a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (“NRTL”) as being tested in accordance with the International Electrotechnical Commission 61400?2 (“IEC 61400?2”) standard or the American Wind Energy Association 9.1?2009 (“AWEA 9.1?2009”) standard.  The manufacturer also submitted a certified power curve that is tested in accordance with either the IEC 61400?12?1 standard or Section 2 of the AWEA 9.1?2009 standard, and is certified by the SWCC or a NRTL. A generator turbine(s) that is/are rated as 60 kW will produce 60 kWh in an hour’s time (within an acceptable equipment variance).  The generators that produce the electricity are turned by the wind that is produced by the Hybrid Generator. All of the equipment in the Hybrid Generator is guaranteed for parts and labor for ten (10) years, under the Comprehensive Manufacturer’s Warranty.


The solar panels are guaranteed by the manufacturer for 20 years with an expected, but decreasing performance level of many years more, according to the solar panel manufacturer.

The inverter is guaranteed by the manufacturer for 10 years. The batteries are guaranteed by the manufacturer for 10 years, however it is anticipated that they will last for 20 years or more according to the manufacturer.


All other parts in the Hybrid Generator are guaranteed for ten (10) years as long as the products maintain a maintenance contract with an authorized. Labor and service are not covered during this Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty period.

Because of our dedication to the highest quality manufacturing and engineering standards we feel the units will continue to perform as promised past these warranty periods.

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